About us

DSTN a multidisciplinary research network to meet the challenges of digital transformation in Africa

The DSTN network is a community of scientific experts in data science, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, cybersecurity and the Internet of Things, dedicated to meeting the challenges posed by digital transformation for sustainable development in Africa.

The network makes numerous contributions to digital transformation in general, and to the development of skills and solutions
in e-Health, e-Agriculture, e-Environment, intelligent cities and transport, e-Education and Digital Mines.

Priority areas of expertise :

  • Big Data and trusted artificial intelligence
  • IoT and SDN in white zones
  • Cybersecurity
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Data science and applications.
DSTN Digital science and technology ACE Partner

DSTN actions

Promote collaborative research, training programs tailored to the job market and socio-economic partnerships.

  • Research and innovation
  • Joint research projects
  • Organizing international scientific events
  • Policy to support innovation and research transfer
  • Capacity building
  • Multidisciplinary training
  • Partnerships, expertise and technology transfer
  • Building partnerships
  • Meetings with the socio-economic world
  • Mobility programs
  • Pooling resources
  • Expertise and response to calls for projects

Committee membership

Executive committee (decision-making)
● The 6 DSTN ACE managers
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● Scientific advisor: Hélène Kirchner (Inria) Helene.Kirchner@inria.fr
● ACE Partner program project manager: Grégory Giraud (IRD) gregory.giraud@ird.fr
● Network coordinator: Gaoussou Camara (IRD) gaoussou.camara@ird.fr

Coordination team (implementation of network actions)
● The network coordinator
● The network center manager
● The scientific advisor
● The focal points of the 6 DSTN AECs

Scientific Committee (project evaluation)
● International experts from academia and industry.
2 members proposed by each DSTN CEA.

Accompanying committee (to support project submissions)
● International experts proposed by each DSTN CEA, registered on a voluntary basis.

Partners DSTN

A partnership agreement has been signed between the partners and the DSTN network.

Associate members

DSTN network coordinator Gaoussou Camara gaoussou.camara@ird.fr

Network scientific advisor Hélène Kirchner Helene.Kirchner@inria.fr

ACE Partner Program Manager Grégory Giraud gregory.giraud@ird.fr

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