1st call for proposals from Digital Science and Technology Network research teams

Call status : Closed

The Digital Science and Technology Network (DSTN) brings together CEAs working in the field of digital science and technology (computer science and mathematics) to tackle some of the challenges posed by the digital transformation of science, the economy and society as a whole.

This networked collaboration between the CEAs aims to improve their efficiency and attractiveness by sharing expertise, training, data and IT resources. Five scientific priority areas have been identified:

● Big data and trusted artificial intelligence,
● IoT systems and software-defined networking in poorly connected areas,
● Cybersecurity,
● High-performance computing,
● Data science.

The network aims to provide and co-fund mobility grants, scientific events and expertise in these priority scientific areas, with the following objectives:

● Strengthen research capacity and research collaboration between ACEs and with international research institutions, through thematic workshops, joint research teams and PhD co-supervision.
● Strengthen higher education training capacities through joint training programs, exchanges of teachers, students and internships.
● Strengthen innovation capacities and links with the non-academic sector through the involvement of relevant socio-economic players in training and research activities.
● Ensure the network's sustainability by soliciting competitive and private funding.
To promote and develop such scientific collaborations within the network and worldwide, by supporting high-quality research projects, the DSTN is launching a call for research team proposals.

Program objectives and priorities :
A DSTN research team is a joint research and development (R&D) project created for 2 or 4 years (2020-2014) between at least two AECs in the network, possibly involving external partners. The partners jointly define a scientific objective with a clear added value for each of them, a research plan and a mobility exchange program.

There can be two types of project:

● 4-year research projects aimed at tackling a scientific problem with a long-term applicative impact, which will strengthen research capabilities and international collaborations, producing high-quality publications. These projects must involve at least one international academic partner.
● 2-year R&D projects around the development of an application with a short-term applicative impact that will strengthen innovation capabilities and links with the non-academic sector, producing high-quality codes and innovative products. These projects must involve at least one partner from the economic or societal sectors.

Funding can be provided in the form of :

  • Support for mobility: missions between partners will be financed up to 10,000 euros per year.
  • Internships: up to 6 internships will be funded each year, each lasting 3-4 months.
  • PhD position (for research projects only): up to 6 PhD positions will be funded.

Submission of a new DSTN research team:
The DSTN research team leader coordinating the project submits an online application form on a specific website following the project proposal template.

Agenda :

Evaluation and reporting :
Each proposal will be evaluated by scientific experts from outside the network.
Evaluation criteria for selection are provided in an attached document.

At the end of the project, each DSTN network research team will produce a short report.