Mining The connections 2022

International Multi-Network Hybrid Conference on Mining

April 25-27, 2022 – Quebec, Canada

Research and Innovation in Digital Science and Technology for Mining

Mining is a complex industry. The discussions in this workshop will specify the needs of the mining industry that could be met by digital sciences and technologies and the challenges facing the mines of the future for an increasingly responsible and controlled mining activity.

Description of the session

Mining activity takes place at many scales, from local artisanal mining, to a country’s mining production, to the exploitation of our global resources. This workshop will address the following issues:

Management of mining activity: Mining activity is seen as a complex system that must manage human, inert mineral, living ecosystem resources, economic processes and legislative and security constraints.  What are the prerequisites for the digital transformation process of mining (objectives, skills, actors)?

Robotisation of logistics: The use of trucks, excavators and other machinery is a very important aspect of mining. Can the use of autonomous vehicles with sensors and decision algorithms improve the exploitation of resources?

Detecting and quantifying available resources: How can field and drone sensors and satellite imagery be used to better detect and quantify resources? 

Environmental impact monitoring: Spatial imagery and in situ computer monitoring can be used to monitor the extension of production areas, the impact on biodiversity and the evolution of the environment at the scale of the impacted territories. However, what are the preliminary field approaches to be conducted? Do these digital approaches really make it possible to reduce the impact of exploratory excavation and to have more reliable and environmentally friendly economic models?

Management of mining properties: Monitoring legal and illegal mining sites, managing title deeds and regulating between artisanal and industrial activity are crucial issues for governments. What management tools can digital technology provide? 

Management and prevention of health and security risks: Around mining activity, a number of pathologies are developing (pneumonia, cholera, AIDS, etc.) and insecurity threatens stability. Can digital technologies (IoT, sensors, learning) contribute to the monitoring, assessment and prevention of health and security risks?

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