Sustainable Mining activities

Science and innovation for responsible extractive activity in West Africa

Artisanal and semi-industrial mining adress many development issues : poverty alleviation, decent work and economic growth, responsible production and consumption, protection of the fauna and flora, health, etc.

Faces with these issues, the construction of viable solutions requires the implementation of new paradigms based on a transdisciplinary dialogue.

To reach these objective RAMR2D offers tools and expertise for building partnerships and joint actions with academic, public and private and civil society actors involved in extractive activities.

  • Building sub-regional and international network of research and expertise
  • Advocacy
  • Public and private partnerships
  • International mobility
  • Training
  • R&D
  • Incubation programs
  • Research programs
  • Organization of international events
  • International Networking

Fields of expertise

Environment & sustainable development :
Environmental and societal diagnostics; Soil and ecosystem studies; Remediation; Restoration of degraded environments; Decontamination; Remediation and water quality; Population health; Circular economy; Post mining sustainable economic diversification.

Communities and local approach:
Governance; Management of conflicts of use ; Management of handicaps; Mining and gender; CSR approaches.

Mining ecosystems and industrial processes:
Process optimization; Implementation of integrated and sustainable management; Digital new tools.

Mining and sustainable development

Composition of Committees

Executive Committee (Decision Making)
● The 3 ACE leaders of the RAMR2D
● The scientific advisor : Fabrice Colin fabrice.colin@ird.fr (IRD)
● The ACE-PARTNER project leader : Grégory Giraud gregory.giraud@ird.fr (IRD)
● The network coordinator : Patrice Ebah patrice.ebah@ird.fr (IRD)

Coordination Team (Actions Implementation)
● The network coordinator
● The head of the network leader center (CEA-MEM)
● The scientific advisor
● The focal points of the 3 RAMR2D

Scientific Committee (Projects Evaluation)
● International experts from academia and industry.
2 members for the examination of each project according to the expertise.

Coaching Committee (supporting project submissions)
● International experts proposed by each ACE of RAMR2D, registered on a voluntary basis.

RAMR2D Partners

A partnership agreement was signed between the partners and the RAMR2D.


ACE MEM Ivory Coast
Alphonse Yao alphonse.yao@inphb.ci

Mahamadou Ousman nabourkou@yahoo.fr

Mory KOUROUMA kourouma.mory54@gmail.com

With support from

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