RAMR2D > Projects > TIGUE Project: Production of biochar from biodegradable waste

Principal Investigators:

  • Kerfala Doré (Graduate in geological engineering-ISMGB)
  • Djénabou Koulibaly (Management of household waste in Conakry)
  • Amadou Camara (Master’s degree in geology and mining exploration, specialization in waste valorization)

Documentary resources :

The World Bank warns of a “crisis” in urban waste management.


RAMR2D > Projects > TIGUE Project: Production of biochar from biodegradable waste

Project issues

In Guinea, 90% of the population uses charcoal for cooking, which is obtained from freshly cut wood in the forests. This phenomenon contributes to the global warming observed in recent years. In Boké more precisely, (city located at 249,3km from the Guinean capital) the phenomenon is caused today by two factors which are the mining and the abusive cutting of wood.

In addition, sanitation remains worrying in the country, the environment is polluted, the rate of diseases related to insalubrity is growing as a result of the growing insalubrity. The main objective of this work is to identify the socio-economic determinants of waste recovery.

In view of this trend, the consequences are likely to be more harmful in the region and the entire planet. The team being constituted that of miners of formation, we fixed ourselves as mission to find solutions to attenuate or remedy this propagation, from where came the origin of this project that we had called (TIGUE) which means coal in our dialects. This ecological coal will be obtained from household waste and other organic waste.

Impacts of the project study:

This project will allow above all to create seasonal employment within the university centers for the students by being commercial or production agents, it fights against deforestation, reduces the production of greenhouse gases. It also becomes a means of sensitizing the population on the management of household waste.

For the actors in charge of waste management, environmental protection associations, and even some citizens, waste recovery is an act of civic-mindedness and people lack dedication in this sense. The problem of waste management is related to everyone as long as everyone does not put it there will be no net improvement, and currently many are those who do not respect the environmental rules.

The main objective is to fight against insalubrity and deforestation by recycling some biodegradable waste into ecological coal.

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