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The Institut International de l'Eau et de L'Environnement (2iE) is an African Center of Excellence for training and research of international standard based in Burkina Faso. Its main mission is to train competent and innovative engineer-entrepreneurs capable of meeting the development challenges of the African continent, to offer continuing professional training options to managers and technicians in the private and public sectors, and to conduct research and development programs to serve the private and public sectors and contribute to the development of scientific knowledge.

2iE's areas of expertise are :

  • Water and Sanitation, Civil Engineering and Hydraulics,
  • Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering,
  • Environment and Sustainable Development,
  • Management and Entrepreneurship.

The 2iE institute brings together teachers, researchers and students of almost 30 nationalities, and has a headquarters agreement in Burkina Faso.

Interests and expertise : 

  • Water Hygiene Sanitation
  • Water Resources
  • Civil Engineering

Prof. Harouna Karambiri (

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Prof. Harouna Karambiri (
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