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Scientific thematics:
It will develop activities (lectures, training, workshop/conference organization, application to regional and international calls) in the field of Data Science: data management, statistics and data analysis, deep learning, with application to health, agriculture, environment,…

DSTN > Centres > ENSEA

ENSEA African Center of Excellence
Statistique et Economie quantitative
ENSEA – Côte d’Ivoire

The Institute of Statistics and Applied Economist (ENSEA) has been labelled World Bank “African Centre of Excellence” (ACE) since 2015

The training of statisticians at ENSEA combines theory and practice. It is provided through four (04) distinct levels of training designed according to the level of student recruitment and the career envisaged at the end of their studies, for initial training. The school also provides continuing training courses for professionals and offers its services in statistical studies and research to national and international institutions.

For the very first time, as part of the 2018 – 2019 academic year, the doctoral school opens its doors for its first 4 doctoral students.

Coordinators: Hugues Kouadio (

Focal points: Hugues Kouadio (


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