Accreditation of higher education programs

The main objective of this workshop is to familiarize ourselves with the writing of the self-assessment report in an international accreditation process, and to create an inter-ACE community on this major issue of the ACE Impact / ACE Partner project. Today, accreditation remains a major challenge for national and international recognition. Accreditation can apply to a program, a specific activity or an entire establishment, enabling it to qualify its diplomas and activities. However, drafting and mastering the process leading to accreditation remains a challenge worth learning more about. This workshop is part of our inter-CEA training program. It is aimed primarily at Centers that have not yet been accredited, and for which the World Bank and the Association of African Universities (AAU) require the drafting of such a document to enable them to access DLI accreditation.


  • Institutional positioning and development strategy for the establishment and its training offer.
  • Governance and management of the establishment and its training offer.
  • The link between research and training.
  • Student success.
  • Scientific culture and promotion.
  • National and international partnership policies.

Available formats :

8 to 16 hours distance learning

Target audience:

  • Centers and institutions applying for national or international program accreditation.

Languages :