Entrepreneurship and research

The employment of young people in general, and graduates in particular, is a major and urgent challenge in African countries. Faced with this situation, entrepreneurship has become an alternative for creating jobs through innovative, value-added projects. The link between research and entrepreneurship must be exploited to meet a socio-economic need. The possibility of entrepreneurship based on research work opens up new career and job creation prospects. The main aim of this module is to raise participants' awareness of entrepreneurship and research, but also to equip and support them in the development of their project ideas.


  • The project idea in research,
  • Areas of research and entrepreneurship,
  • How to use your results to set up your own business.

Available formats :

8 h or 16 h distance learning

Target audience:

  • Master's and PhD students.
  • Teacher-researchers.
  • Research professionals.
  • Project managers.
  • Librarians.

Languages :