Writing and publishing scientific articles

Writing articles for peer review remains one of the most important activities of researchers and practitioners in the sciences. Scientific articles can be used to popularize science more effectively with the public, and help inform decision-making. This MOOC is part of the series "Compétences transversales aux métiers de chercheurs et ingénieurs" (Cross-disciplinary skills for the research and engineering professions) developed collaboratively by members of the Réseau d'excellence des sciences de l'ingénieur de la francophonie (RESCIF) and supported by the Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD).

The overall aim of this module is to provide engineers and teacher-researchers with the skills they need to design, conduct and promote high-quality research work, enabling them to evolve in an international context. It focuses on the skill of "writing a scientific article for publication in an A-rank journal", and is produced in partnership with researchers and teacher-researchers from ESP Dakar, IRD, ENSP Yaoundé, the PIMENKO Platform, and the FUN MOOC team.

Objectives :

  • Understand the general structure of a scientific article.
  • Master the rules and methods of writing scientific articles. - Conduct a critical reading of a scientific article.
  • Read a scientific article critically.
  • Understand the importance of scientific production and publication.
  • Master the techniques of writing scientific articles.
  • Measuring impact: evaluating the researcher, sharing results, global recognition, finding partners.
  • Write an article for publication in A-ranked / international journals. - Identify appropriate journals (indexes) for publication. - Understand the processes involved in submitting a scientific article.
  • Responding to reviewers.

Available formats :

From 8 to 16 hours distance learning. Depending on your specific needs.

Target audience:

  • Doctoral students in mid-thesis or at the end of their thesis with a first publication project
  • Lecturers, researchers and scientists from all disciplines who have already published articles and wish to develop their scientific writing skills, which are essential for valorizing their research work and evolving in an international context.
  • Librarians
  • Research professionals.

Languages available: French / English and others on request.