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Curriculum :
M.Sc Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

ACE affiliate :

Thesis title :
Molecular immunity to co-infection of the bacterium Wolbachia and the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium pingshaense in Aedes aegypti as part of the fight against dengue fever.

WANIDA > Scholars > DOKPOMIWA Houeffa Adeline Tatiana

Starting year:
February 2020

Problem statement:
Vector control remains the main strategy for controlling dengue fever. With insecticide resistance on the increase, there is an urgent need to develop biological methods of vector control. One of the most promising of these is the use of Wolbachia bacteria to inhibit pathogen transmission. The wAu strain of Wolbachia, although the best viral inhibitor in Aedes aegypti, requires the combination of wAu-bearing mosquitoes with an entomopathogen in order to suppress the wild mosquito population and promote the establishment of transinfected mosquitoes. Since the effectiveness of this control strategy depends on wAu 's ability to protect only transinfected mosquitoes from the entomopathogen, it is essential to understand how wAu protects its host from entomopathogenicity.

Main objective:
To elucidate the immune and molecular basis of the protection conferred by Wolbachia wAu against Metarhizium pingshaense infection in Aedes aegypti, with a view to an integrated dengue control strategy using these two microorganisms.

This work will edify us on the possibility of combining Wolbachia wAu and Metarhizium in future control programs against Aedes aegypti. Entomopathogenic fungi will thus help to eliminate wild mosquitoes and spread transinfected mosquitoes, the latter strongly blocking transmission of the dengue virus.

Supervisor :

Co-supervisor :
BILGO Etienne, IRSS/Centre MURAZ (Bobo-Dioulasso)