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Curriculum :
Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

ACE affiliate :

Thesis title :
Molecular Epidemiology of Dengue Viruses around Outbreaks in Burkina Faso from June to November 2021

WANIDA > Scholars > Agossi Edwige Kpodo

Starting year:
February 2020

Description of the problem:
In recent years, Burkina Faso has seen an upsurge in cases of dengue fever. Despite mandatory reporting, the surveillance system is unable to assess the scale of the problem. Faced with this situation, the Burkinabe authorities are strongly mobilized around research to produce new data. Furthermore, with the advent of the new Covid-19 health crisis, other diseases seem to be neglected or virtually non-existent. Activities will need to be relaunched to update new databases on any new cases. There is an urgent need to identify factors in the re-emergence and spread of the virus, to estimate entomo-epidemiological risk indicators and to propose control strategies.

Expected results / Main objective :
Assess the transmission dynamics and epidemic potential of dengue virus serotypes in monitoring the emergence of circulating strains in the Centre and Hauts-Bassins regions of Burkina Faso from June to November 2021.

This study will determine the seroprevalence of dengue viruses; demonstrate possible vertical transmission of the virus between generations of mosquitoes; provide health authorities with new dengue-related information and propose targeted intervention strategies.

Supervisor :

Co-supervisor :
Dr Thérèse KAGONE, LNR-FHV/Muraz

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