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Curriculum :
Master Microbiology-Immunology

ACE affiliate :

Thesis title :
Molecular evaluation of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine(sp) chemoprophylaxis against malaria in pregnant women in N'zerekore, Guinea.

WANIDA > Scholars > YAPI Romaric Achi

Starting year:

Problem statement:
Malaria in pregnant women is a public health problem in endemic regions of sub-Saharan Africa, due to its consequences on the health of the mother and fetus, resulting in a high maternal and neonatal mortality rate.
In Guinea, the National Malaria Control Program recommends Sulfadoxine-Pyrimethamine (SP) as chemoprophylaxis for pregnant women. Despite these provisions, the prevalence of malaria in pregnant women remains significant.
To date, no studies on the efficacy of SP in malaria chemoprophylaxis and the search for SP-resistant mutants have been carried out in Guinea. While some sub-regional studies have reported the emergence of SP-resistant mutants.

Main objective:
To elucidate the immune and molecular basis of the protection conferred by Wolbachia wAu against Metarhizium pingshaense infection in Aedes aegypti, with a view to an integrated dengue control strategy using these two microorganisms.

Expected results :

  • The prevalence of malaria among pregnant women on IPT at SP is estimated. 
  • Pregnant women's compliance and knowledge of IPT for MS are assessed.
  • The proportion of SP-resistant mutant Plasmodium sp in pregnant women on SP IPT is estimated.

This study will enable us to take stock of malaria in pregnant women in Guinea, improve chemoprophylaxis against malaria in pregnant women and develop strategies for controlling emerging mutants.


Other contributors to PHD/Msc supervision :
Prof Alexandre Delamou, Dr Alimou Camara