Clinical Research Institute of Benin

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Founded in 2016 by IRD, Inserm and Benin's Ministry of Research and Higher Education and Ministry of Health, the IRCB is a platform dedicated to clinical research in priority health themes such as malaria, tropical and emerging diseases and non-communicable diseases.

The IRCB aims to contribute to the establishment of a medical research structure of excellence in French-speaking Africa, and to develop partnerships for multicenter trials, making its resources and expertise available to external researchers and institutions.

The Institute is home to the first vaccine trials against gestational malaria. Several large-scale programs are underway, including the Deworm 3 project (multicenter cluster trials on helminthic infections -, and an EDCTP-funded therapeutic trial on the treatment of malaria with artemisinin-based triple therapy (ASAAP project -

Since September 2022, in order to develop West African partnerships in research excellence on infectious diseases, the WANIDA network has included two new members: IRCB and LMC CERPAGE. These new collaborations are part of the continuity and development of the network at regional level, and strengthen members' multidisciplinary research and innovation capacities to meet public health challenges in West Africa.

The multi-disciplinary nature of our teams enables us to work in a number of fields: Covid-19, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, Ebola, mycobacterial infections, neglected tropical diseases, food-borne pathogens and studies on non-malarial febrile diseases.

Scientific topics :

  • Clinical research
  • Endemic infectious or metabolic diseases
  • Biomedical research training